How to Handle Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be daunting and even unreliable, especially in Colorado with weather ranging from severe rain, wind, lightning, and hail to heavy snow falls.

In general, the Colorado Springs area tends to encounter small “pea-sized” hailstorms that cause little or no damage. Homeowners may notice small rock granules (or bitumen as it’s referred to in the shingle world), in their downspouts.

This gradual degradation of the shingle’s main surface material will eventually cause the roof to fail yet not show signs of hail impacts. I call this the “death by 1000 cuts” effect of these minor hailstorms because they cause damage that’s not covered by insurers.

Whenever a homeowner suffers a hailstorm it’s smart to call Cricket Roofing for a courtesy inspection before calling their insurance company. This prevents the homeowner from being considered a high-risk policy holder by their insurer and potentially being dropped. Yes, this has happened to homeowner’s who’ve never actually filed a loss claim.

At Cricket Roofing we offer comprehensive assistance for all your roofing insurance claim needs. Contact us to get started!